Akzéntz Switzerland

Akzéntz Switzerland is the main distributor of the top brand Akzéntz International based in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2006 the high quality, professional nail design products are imported into Switzerland, and meet the highest demands and needs of every nail designer who wants to stand out from the "mass".

Akzéntz Naildesign products are manufactured since 1989 and are 100% made in Canada. All products are acid free, vegan and are not tested on animals! The sensationally simple processing at the customer, the minimalist filing and the perfect adhesion guarantee the satisfaction of every nail designer and her clientele. In addition, the products are - as opposed to many other brands - odorless, and inspire on the whole, as it is simply a lot of fun to work with. Even after 4 weeks, Akzéntz products appear in their radiant color and fresh shine, without losing any adhesion. Test Akzéntz, you will fall in love with us and thousands in the world in these products!

In Switzerland, you have the opportunity to attend a professional nail design training at several locations in Switzerland. No matter if you are only interested in LUXIO Gellack, a multi-day model training course, a Nail Art course or just for further education, we have the right offer for you. We take a close look at our students and offer totally flexible courses tailored to their own needs so you can benefit from the absolute maximum. All of our course instructors have several years of experience in nail design and have their own studio. On the main page, you will find all the training facilities below, or you can visit our website www.gelnails.ch, where you can find the complete course offer at a glance.


Akzéntz is a leading brand of professional manicure and naildesign products for highest standards.

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We are the only nail design school in Switzerland, which teaches you to create natural and long lasting nail extensions, handmade with gel on forms instead of using plastic tips. From your first day with us, you will learn how to use an electric file, and your hand model will feel the difference between wearing handmade gelnails, done with 100% gel only. 

The Canadian brand was imported to Switzerland in May 2006 and since then has enriched the nail studio world with a huge selection of UV and LED modeling gels, French gels, soak off gels, soak off gel polish, color gels, nail art and countless accessories around the Nail Design world.

Akzéntz Switzerland has 5 training facilities: in Basel, St. Moritz and Burgdorf, we teach mainly in private classes, and in Zug and Montlingen SG we take courses in small groups or private classes. All the educators have many years of experience as a nail designer and work actively in their nail studio, and all were trained by Akzéntz Switzerland. At Akzéntz, you learn from professionals and especially in detail, and not - as in other training centers - in mass handling or even just watching from a screen.