our philosophy

Our online shop has existed since 2006. We would like to offer the best products available on the market to the discerning nail designer, who attaches great importance to the best quality. Sustainability and mindfulness are our top priorities. All Akzéntz Professional and MO Nails products are vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The products are not only extremely well tolerated by allergy sufferers, but also odourless, sensational in terms of processing, compatible with each other, animal and environmentally friendly.

Akzéntz Naildesign products have been manufactured since 1989 and are 100% made in Canada. All products are acid-free, vegan and not tested on animals! The sensationally simple processing on the customer, the minimal filing work and the perfect adhesion guarantee the satisfaction of every nail designer and their customers. In addition, the products - in contrast to many other brands - are odorless, and as a whole they inspire, because it is just so much fun to work with them. Even after 4 weeks, Akzéntz products appear in their radiant color and fresh shine without having lost their adhesion. Try Akzéntz, you will fall in love with these products like us and thousands around the world!

MO Nails is a vegan and eco-friendly brand from Cyprus that won the Award of Excellence and the Award of Best Vegan Nail Product 2020. All MO Nails colors are soak-off based, odorless, have sensational coverage and are well on the way to becoming THE future-oriented product par excellence. We are in a time of change. The planet has been severely damaged and it is now up to us to pave the way to a green future. For this reason, our color range in gel jars will also disappear over time, as we only want to offer bottles, because this way we save on cleaning pads and cleaners to clean the gel brushes from the colors. MO Nails has recognized this future trend and we look forward to being the exclusive partner for Switzerland from 2021.