MO Nails all kind of Top Coats/Gloss

MO Nails all kind of Top Coats/Gloss

MO Metallica Top Coat/Gloss: 

  • Soak-Off LED/UV Non Wipe Top Coat
  • Easy application Top Coat
  • Cures for 30 sec in LED or 2 min in UV
  • No need to wipe

MO Metallica CHROME Coats:

  • Call it rock, call it chrome, call it heavy metal, Metallica coats will make you stand out in the crowd!
  • Use it as a color coat or as a metallic cover over 2D or 3D designs
  • Metallica will give you a metallic coat to be jealous about
  • Apply over, Overlay gel, Duet or Duet sculptures and seal with Metallica top coat
  • Comes in 8 bold colors
  • Air dry & seal with Top Coat

MO Ingot DAZZLE Top Coats:

With seven shades of rich shimmer its a pleasure to add a glamorous finish to any nail set.
  • Blends well for grading/ Ombre.
  • INGOT has as a thin application, no chunks, smooth finish.
  • It is non-wipe TopCoat and shines from all angles.
  • Give every nail set a rich Shimmer finish.
  • Give it a shake, and just apply as a finishing layer on 1, 2 or ten nails as desired.
  • LED 30sec or UV 2min.
  • 15ml of INGOT Glamour in a bottle.