MO Nails Nail Art Gels

MO Nails Nail Art Gels

Ammos Sand Gel:

You can just have the color with the sandy touch texture or you can have the color and create engravings, 2D nail art, color ombre, just let your imagination run wild with ideas.
  • It's a non-wipe gel
  • No top coat is needed
  • It's long lasting

MO Vitro/Glass Gel: 

  • Vitro gel is a very versatile gel that will give any color, design or extension a glass finish
  • With Vitro Gel you can create shattered glass effect nails - Embedded nail art Glass Nails - Clear Extension Tips( using a combination of MO Duet Gel & MO Vitro Gel)
  • Comes in 4 colors, more color choices upon request
  • Add MO Metallica Chrome silver as a base color and then add MO Vitro Gel for an electric color effect
  • Vitro gel can be applied on top of any color to add depth and glass cover effect

AB Nail Art Gel:

  • With MO Nails A – B Nail Art Gel you can create perfect ultra-thin lines as well as creating free hand nail art
  • Make perfect spider webs, shattered glass effect, abstract lines etc
  • Available in 4 high pigment colors and 10 metallic colors
  • Can be used under or over MO Nails Metallica Non-Wipe Top Coat 
  • A very versatile nail art gel for the creative nail artist

3D Modelling Gel:

  • Create 3D designs
  • No monomer needed
  • No fast drying (thus enabling a beginner to create 3D designs)
  • Cures in 30 seconds in LED or 2 minuntes with UV Lamps