Application MO Nails

MO Nails Products General: ALL MO Nails gels, both modeling gels in bottles, colors and sealers, are soak off based, vegan and eco-friendly. Akzéntz Prep'n'Wipe can be used to prepare all MO Nails products.

base gels:
MO Base Coat is a rather thin Soak Off Base Gel for priming strong nails, which do not need additional reinforcement, so that the nails do not become even thicker. Cure for 30 seconds and continue with colour. Can also be used as a base before the modeling gel.
MO Overlay Clear is a creamy base gel that can be applied instead of the MO base gel when using the gel lacquer technique if the natural nails are very thin. This gel strengthens the nails even more. Cure for 30 seconds and continue with color.
Modeling gels in bottles:
MO Overlay Gels in practical bottles and various rosé, milky or nude tones are applied directly to the natural nail as a base gel. They are suitable as a natural nail reinforcement gel and do not require an adhesion promoter. Simply disinfect the natural nail and apply Overlay Clear. If the natural nail would like to be colored with Overlay Milky, Rose, Naive or Cream, then first apply a thin layer of Overlay Clear and cure.
MO Macro Gel is a flexible medium gel that can be applied directly after Overlay Clear Gel (a thin layer as a base) or after MO Base Gelpolish. It is suitable for modeling or fillings without filing. Since it is very elastic, it does not break or splinter.
MO Duet Gels are the strongest modeling gels in bottles and are also suitable for nail extensions. As a base gel, a thin layer of Overlay Clear is first applied and cured. It also does not require an adhesion promoter. Model layers colored with Duet Gels can then be built up (Naive, Pink, Rose) or baby boomer and French nails can be created on templates (Milky).
MO Nails Fruit Gels:
Fruit Gel is a creamy gel that when applied fills in ridges/lines etc for a perfect smooth nail bed color for color application or french manicure. With fruit smell!
Available in 12 colors - one color application for French manicure is enough or 2 color applications for color effect.
Each of them inherently represents a special feeling, creating mysterious hues in the masterpieces of great artists.
Application: Apply Gel Polish Base or Overlay Base and cure. Apply 1 or 2 layers of fruit gel according to your preference and LED cure in 30 seconds.
MO Nails Foundation Gel Polish:
These are applied after the base gel as a primer or make-up gel polish. Ideal background for French manicure or simply as a natural foundation to cover the natural nail.
Curing time 30 seconds with LED.
MO Nails Sealers/Top Coats:
MO Metallica Top Coat is a super quick sealant product with no sweat layer (similar to Shine On by Akzéntz). Extreme high gloss, PLUS removable (file beforehand)! 30 seconds curing time with LED.
MO Pure Gel Top Coat is a classic soak off top coat with a sweat layer, similar to LUXIO Gloss. 30 seconds curing time with LED.
MO Velvet Matte Coat is a beautifully silky matte sealer that glides on easily. No need to wipe off the sweat layer. 30 seconds curing time with LED, removable (file first!).
MO Ingot Dazzle Top Coat Gels are sealers without a sweat layer, which already have glitter in them! Applicable over all colors! Removable, file beforehand! 30 seconds curing time with LED.
MO Mermaid Non Wipe Top Coat are sealers that give a different effect depending on what color they are applied over! 30 seconds curing time.
MO Metallica Chrome Coat are AIR DRY Chrome Effect Gels. Please let it dry for about 5 minutes! Result in a sensational Chrome look! Also great for chrome nail art.
The description for Cat Eye, Hologlam and Nail Art Gels can be found in the respective section. Here you will find our photo album painted on with the MO Nails colors.